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Your home is a valuable investment and you must have a strong, solid foundation and walls! There are many foundation issues that you may be confronted with here in the Fort Worth, Texas area and surrounding cities due to our shifting clay-based soils. Wall repair is a serious issue that we here at Fort Worth Foundation see and repair regularly.

Our family-owned company has provided superior wall repair services for the homeowners in our region since 2016. Our highly-experienced team of licensed, bonded and insured wall repair professionals never encounter a job that is too large or too difficult!

Do you have walls that seem to be bowing or are tilting?

This is indicative that you need wall repair! If not addressed promptly, the problem will continue to worsen.

Do you have outdoor walls that are brick or stone? Are there concrete walls in your basement or are they comprised of masonry block?

Once our wall repair expert analyzes your particular needs, a strong plan-of-action is put into effect immediately.

You can count on Fort Worth Foundation to repair your wall problems with swift expertise and the utmost in efficiency.

Common Causes Of Problems

Since no two homes are identical, Fort Worth Foundation analyzes and determines the exact root cause of the wall damage and the best approach for you, your home and your budget. Water intrustion is when water gradually builds up around your foundation and leaks in and around your walls, weakening your foundation and inviting serious wall problems.

If you observe areas on your outdoor grounds or in your crawl spaces where water is standing and doesn’t drain properly, that’s serious cause for alarm! Hydrostatic pressure is a serious culprit and results from varying degrees of soil pressure, a common cause in our area.

Wall destabilization occurs when soil shifts, as we regularly encounter with the clay-based soils throughout this region. Fort Worth Foundation knows Texas soil!

Once we analyze the culprit that’s responsible for your wall damage, you can be certain that the best repair method will be used, be it wall achors, cracklock repairs for concrete walls, adjustable wall braces and the many wall repair methods that our highly-skilled professionals are masters at!

Types Of Walls

The repair method that Fort Worth Foundation will use largely depends upon which type of wall that you have.

  • Poured Walls: Poured concrete walls will lose their strength when subjected to hydrostatic pressure or water intrustion. The cracks must be repaired and frequently require braces, intricate service techniques and support systems to repair properly so that the damage is halted and rectified. Only patching the cracks will not correct the problem, which is usually do to hydrostatic pressure.
  • Masonry Block Walls: Stacked masonry block walls in your basement or crawl space are easier and faster to repair. When there is damage to masonry block walls, there is no hidden, underlying issue than the one that shows visually.

Wall Repair Solutions

Fort Worth Foundation digs deep in our investigation of your wall problem! We don’t stop after just repairing cracks!

Our goal is to address the root cause, which is usually hydrostatic pressure, and take a long-term comprehensive approach. Regularly, waterproofing and exterior water management will be combined to make certain that you won’t be facing wall repair issues again.

Wall Anchors

Wall anchors are cost-effective, extremely strong and can be installed rapidly. Fort Worth Foundation offers several varieties, including concrete tie back, plate tie back, screw tie back and wall lock.

When hydrostatic pressure is the root cause, water management will be needed also.

Cracklock Repairs for Concrete

Our cracklock repairs for concrete are amazingly fast for our experienced team to install, repair both sides of the concrete and are minimally invasive. They boost the strength of other repairs and prevent additional movement of your walls.

For the finishing touch, cracklock repairs can be painted over and you’ll never even know that the wall has been repaired!

Adjustable Wall Brace

These galvanized steel beams help support your basement and crawlspace walls that are tilted or bowing. Their strong supports aid in preventing damage that can result from shifting soil.

Another big advantage of adjustable wall braces is that they’re installed on the inside and the brace will not disturb the visual appearance of the inside of your home.

Carbon Fiber Strips

These are used to increase the strength of poured concrete walls and prevent them from tilting or bowing. Positive benefits of carbon fiber strips is that no excavation is needed and they are more affordable than wall anchors or wall braces.

Carbon fiber strips can also be painted, if desired.

Epoxy Injections For All Cracks

Epoxy injections are primarily used on the interior of basement walls and aid in repairing poured concrete walls, columns and slabs. They are environmentally safe and cost-effective.

Frequently, this is used in combination with other repair methods. Remember, you must treat the root cause of the problem and not just strive for visual appeal!

Root Barriers

Root barriers guard your foundation from roots of growing trees and plants, which can put pressure on your foundation and cause weakening and damages. They keep the soil moisture at a constant, healthy level which, in our Texas area, tends to fluctuate due to heavy rainfall or drought-like climatic conditions.

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