Steel Piers

Steel Pier Repairs

Using steel piers for your foundation repair offers you many advantages. They can be pressed as deep as 75′ into the ground, providing you with the security of knowing that your home is much less apt to shift in the deep clay soils that are prevalent in our area.

Steel piers are extremely strong, long-lasting and offer you peace of mind in knowing that your home is solid and safe. Although the cost can fluctuate depending upon steel prices at the time of installation, in the long run it may be the wisest choice for you and your home.

Process Of Steel Installation

Steel piers are installed similar to concrete pressed piers, meaning that they are pressed deep into the ground underneath your foundation using a hydraulic jack. Because steel piers are one of the finest developments ever manufactured for foundation repair and can be pushed as deeply as 75′ into the ground, they offer incredible support for your home.

They withstand erosion and the moisture that can so easily accumulate in our Texas clay soils. Installation is relatively fast and can usually be completed in only one or two days, depending upon the number of piers required, because a hydraulic jack is used.

Our Certified Foundation Inspector will evaluate your soil and determine the number of steel piers that are necessary, the depth that they must be driven and the locations that each steel pier must be placed. Steel piers are excellent for supporting both concrete slabs and pier and beam foundations.

The strength of steel piers cannot be topped. For a free consultation and inspection on your foundation, call Fort Worth Foundation today at (817) 402-3972!

Steel Piers Are The Best Foundation Repair In The Market

Steel peers by far are the best choice for most homeowners. They give you the safest and most durable results that the industry has to offer.

This new technology is broadly used by most foundation repair companies. This galvanized steel corrosive proof gives you the security and the benefits that you’re looking forward to, make sure you’d never have foundation issues with your homework place of business again.

The Advantages Of Using Steel Piers

Fort Worth Texas has soil that’s always shifting and settling steel pier give you an added advantage over conventional concrete piers. Being able to bring the stability to whatever foundation you wish to apply it.

Normally driven into the ground by a bobcat or a pressurized Jack until the galvanize pier has reached the maximum depth of resistance. At at which point a galvanize steel housing that permanently is drilled into your foundation will sustain your structure for a lifetime.



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