Drainage Systems in Fort Worth, TX and The Entire Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

Example Of A Drainage System Underneath A Home.

Example Of A Drainage System Underneath A Home.

Have you observed standing water or puddles on your outdoor grounds? Signs like these are warning indications that you need exterior water management!

Advanced drainage systems, as Fort Worth Foundation expertly installs, are critical in preventing water from accumulating and weakening your foundation or from leaks developing in your basement or ground floor home areas. Excessive water causes hydrostatic pressure, causing the soil to expand.

Clay soil, which is common throughout the Fort Worth area, expands easily from excessive moisture. This pushes against your foundation and your walls, causing serious structural damage, weakening your foundation and discoloring your concrete and brickwork.

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French Drain

Traditionally, a French drain, also known as a dry well, uses standard 4″ perforated pipe. The trench that the pipe is in is frequently filled with rock or gravel and the perforations along the bottom of the hollow pipe rapidly vent and release the water that seeps down through the gravel.

Fort Worth Foundation employs the most advanced, state-of-the-art technology to improve upon the traditional French drain system.



Drainage System Solution

Surface Drainage

Surface drains and French drains are the two types of drainage systems that are most commonly used to help eliminate excessive water accumulation. Surface drainage is the removal of surface water by utilizing the land’s slopes and angles and incorporating drains to carry away the excess water.

Fort Worth Foundation provides you with a complimentary water management assessment to determine the drainage system that is best for your outdoor environment.

Combo Drainage

This is a traditional roof drain with an overhang to handle heavy rains and water build-up. All hardware is coated to protect against corrosion.

Excessive water on your roof can roll off into your yard area and leak along your outer walls. Be prepared!

Excessive water can, and will, cause weakening of your home’s foundation. Sticking doors and windows, insect infestations and mold and mildew can develop quickly without proper drainage throughout your grounds and around your home.

EZ Drain

Frequently used for homes with pier and beam foundations, the EZ drain is lightweight. It aids in removing intrusive water build-up from crawl space areas and gets the water out and away from underneath your home.

The EZ drain is easy to use and to install. Fort Worth Foundation has many happy customers with older pier and beam homes that we’ve installed EZ drains for.

Grate Drain

Grate drains come in a variety of materials, such as metal, plastic, stainless steel or cast iron. Often used for basements and rooms below ground level because they allow water to enter them from both the wall and the bottom floor area.

No matter where the water is moving to, a grate drain will collect it and redirect it because the drain is dual-chambered.

Collection Boxes

Also known as catch basins, with collection boxes the top of the drain, or grate, is located just below the ground level. Excess surface water will run off through the grate and be collected into the box.

The water is directed away by a pipe that’s connected to the collection box.

Landscape Grading

When it rains or a sprinkler system is used, water will naturally accumulate and flow down the slope of your soil. Landscape grading sees to it that you have proper drains leading the water away from your home’s foundation.

Home’s that sit low with land slopes directed towards them are in danger of excess water build-up. Landscape grading is very important to protect the foundation of your home and guard against water damage.

Gutter Installations

Proper drainage via the correct gutter system is of the utmost importance! Without the correct gutters and downspouts an excessive amount of water can collect surrounding your home.

As the soil expands from the moisture, your home’s foundation can shift and become unstable. The Certified Foundation Inspectors and Certified Structural Technician at Fort Worth Foundation will inspect and determine the correct gutter installations that is customized for you.

Make sure your home has proper drainage and that your foundation is protected! Safety and security is top priority with Fort Worth Foundation!

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