Pier & Beam Foundation Repair

Pier & Beam Foundation Repair

Your house is a valuable investment and must be cared for properly. You must have a strong, solid foundation in order to feel safe and secure.

Since 2016, Fort Worth Foundation has provided superior pier and beam foundation repair service to the homeowners throughout Fort Worth, Texas and the surrounding cities. Fort Worth Foundation knows Texas soil!

Due to the soil movement in our North Texas region, many homeowners develop pier and beam foundation problems. Our family-owned company is devoted to providing you with fine quality pier and beam foundation repair service promptly, efficiently and with accuracy and precision.

When/How To Stop Pier & Beam Foundation Repair Issues?

Do your floors seem uneven or like they’re sloping? Are there places that are sagging? You need pier and beam foundation repair!

Our foundation repair experts here at Fort Worth Foundation install pressed concrete and steel piers in order to make your home level. How old is your home? Homes built up until the late 50’s often have wood shims, or support beams, that can rot and decay.

We install steel shims to eliminate this issue. Crawl spaces can also have rotten wood and areas where water accumulates. In this case, the wood will need to be replaced and drainage repairs may be necessary.

The best way to stop pier and beam foundation issues is to call Fort Worth Foundation at (817) 402-3972 because we see to it that these problems are eliminated before you end up with serious home destruction!

Free Consultation Fort Worth Foundation Today!

Have you noticed signs that you need pier and beam foundation repair? Don’t delay! To put off repairing pier and beam foundation issues will cause your home to disintegrate over time.

Contact Fort Worth Foundation today at (817) 402-3972 to schedule your free consultation with our Certified Foundation Inspector.

We offer extended warranties on your previous foundation repair.

If you recently had in the prior years foundation repair done to your home replace your business and have noticed that issues are starting to rise again? Cracks in walls, foundation shifting, cracks in slabs and all the telltale signs that you have foundation problems all over again.

There’s a good possibility that you might have shifting piers, cracks in your beams or chipping of the peered structure.

Although not too common this can happen and if you do not have an extended lifetime warranty foundation repair will be inevitable. We can absorb the previous work done and provide a warranty that will be long-lasting.

Our structure engineers will diagnose if any of the piers previously installed have the symptoms above. Our warranty will fix the issues and provide you a lifetime warranty after the job is done.


Pier and Beam Repair

Pier and Beam Repair