Slab Foundation Repair

Slab Foundation Repair Near Me

Fort Worth Foundation is proud to provide superior foundation repair services to the residents in the Fort Worth, Texas area and throughout the surrounding cities. Here in North Texas, slab foundation repair is frequently necessary, as the majority of homes are less than 50 years old and built on a slab foundation.

Slab foundations are poured directly onto the ground’s surface and consist of a thick, solid slab of concrete. Fort Worth Foundation knows the soil here in our area!

Our locally-based, family-owned company uses state-of-the-art equipment and are experts in Pro-Lift technology. Our entire team of slab foundation repair experts, our Certified Foundation Inspector and our Certified Geologist are licensed, bonded and insured.

The safety and stability of your home are number one with us! Many environmental factors contribute to the settlement of your slab foundation.

When you begin to notice signs of slab foundation settlement, don’t put off contacting us at (817) 402-3972! Fort Worth Foundation is always here for you and ready to repair your slab foundation and save your house from deterioration.

Signs of Foundation Repair Problems?

Homes throughout our area are often built upon clay soil which can expand and contract depending upon climate conditions. Soil can dry out due to drought conditions or from trees that need the soil’s moisture.

Excessive moisture from heavy rainfall or standing water on your outdoor grounds can weaken your foundation and be a threat also! Concrete slabs are an excellent foundation for your home; however, when signs of slab foundation settlement become visible, it’s imperative to address the issues quickly.

When slab foundation problems are ignored, it can result in serious property damage to your residence. Watch out for the following warning signs:

  • Exterior Brick Cracks: These cracks through your brickwork resemble stairs and are also known as step cracks.
  • Cracked Slab: Don’t delay in contacting Fort Worth Foundation when there are visible cracks in your slab foundation!
  • Sheetrock Gaps or Tears: Your sheetrock will only exhibit gaps or torn areas when your slab foundation has settled.
  • Uneven Floors or Broken Tiles: When your floor seems to be off-kilter or you notice broken or cracked floor tiles, call us today!
  • Spaces or Uneven Windows: Do your windows seem to be out of balance? Your slab foundation needs to be repaired.
  • Crevices In Ceilings: Ceiling cracks are the result of your slab foundation settling and shifting.
  • Leaning Fireplace: A home that is expertly constructed doesn’t have a leaning fireplace! Contact Fort Worth Foundation immediately!

Advantages of Having Slab Foundation.

Slab foundations provide you with many positive benefits, despite being susceptible to damage from ground settlement. Some positive benefits of having a slab foundation include the following:

  • Less Rodents: How would you imagine that rodents can invade your home through a concrete slab foundation? They can’t! A slab foundation is a strong defense against these annoying pests.
  • Less Infestation of Insects: In the same respect that rodents cannot penetrate the concrete slab, insects cannot either. Concrete slab foundations prevent the invasion of rodents and pests that are more apt to enter through pier and beam foundations and hidden crawlspaces.
  • Leveled To Ground: Slab foundations are poured directly onto ground that has been smoothed, leveled and is even. They have grade beams underneath and around the slab, making the slab foundation solid, stable and durable.

Why Choose Slab Foundations?

When slab foundations are well-maintained and warning signs of a foundation problem are addressed immediately, they are strong and durable. They keep out insects and annoying pests, so they’re a built-in defense against those irritating, unsightly invaders without the need to call an exterminator.

Make certain that you watch for standing water near your home’s foundation or for trees that have grown larger and seem to be pressing against your slab foundation.

Call Fort Worth Foundation Today!

Fort Worth Foundation is highly-experienced in correcting all slab foundation issues and there is no job that is too large or too difficult for our skilled team of foundation repair experts! Contact us today at (817) 402-9432 and schedule your free inspection on your foundation!