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Concrete Repair Fort Worth TX

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Have you noticed cracks in your sidewalk? Are there cracks in your driveway, pool deck or hairline cracks that are appearing in your foundation? Fort Worth Foundation has provided the homeowners in Fort Worth, Texas and throughout the surrounding cities with superior concrete repair services since 2016.

Are there uneven places in your sidewalk or patio? Concrete leveling is a specialty of ours and we restore your concrete areas to their original, level position fast, neatly and with precision. Not only are concrete issues unsightly and irritating, they can become downright dangerous, contribute to accidents and lead to the disintegration of your home.

Don’t delay in repairing your concrete areas and avoid the problems that they can present. For a free inspection and evaluation of the concrete repair service that you need, contact Fort Worth Foundation at (817) 402-3972.

Repairing Your Concrete

The foundation and concrete repair experts here at Fort Worth Foundation are highly-experienced in the use of the PolyLift system. This industrial-strength method raises sunken concrete areas swiftly and with very little mess.

Concrete Repair Fort Worth Texas

We Can Repair Any Concrete In The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

We realize that your life needs to be interrupted as little as possible; therefore, we work quickly to repair your damaged concrete surfaces. A polyurethane substance is injected through small holes below your concrete areas and raises the sunken places so that the entire surface is level and even.

Another repair choice that we offer you is the crack lock system. Crack lock is a concrete version of a staple in that it permanently stops cracks in foundations, floors or outdoor areas. This concrete repair method is then cleverly disquised by covering it with an overlay or decorative coating.

Methods For Concrete Repairs: Best Ways For Your Property

No two homes are identical and neither are the outdoor grounds or concrete areas. After our concrete repair professionals evaluate and determine the best methods for repairing your damaged, cracked or unlevel concrete surfaces or foundation, a plan of action will be presented to you and begin.

You may have areas in need of concrete replacement because sometimes it’s less costly and more efficient to replace sections rather than trying to work around the damage. Epoxy injections, as in the PolyLift system, are excellent for many concrete areas such as flooring, walkways, outdoor decks, sunrooms or patios and walkways.

To restore the visual appeal of the damaged area the Crack lock process will be used and then the area will be resurfaced. Call Fort Worth Foundation today at (817) 402-3972 to schedule your free evaluation and estimate.

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When you have areas in your concrete that are damaged, don’t delay in calling us! If you hesitate, the damage will only continue to worsen. Our family-owned company is devoted to providing you, our valued customer, with superior concrete repair services fast, efficiently and with expert precision and accuracy.

Set up an appointment to visit with us or call us today at (817) 402-3972 to schedule your free evaluation and consultation. No matter what concrete issue you are facing, you can count on Fort Worth Foundation to take care of it all for you! We guarantee it!

Concrete Piers Are The Most Common Pier Used In The Foundation Industry

The most commonly used foundation repair pier is your standard concrete piers. Driven and acquire depth until resistance is meant by pressurized Jack.

Concrete here’s is probably the most cost-efficient way of fixing your foundation problems. With a transferable warranty takes all the risk out of saving money and getting a high-quality job.

Cost Efficient and Durable Concrete Piers

95% of most foundation companies and homeowners go with concrete piers. This is due to the fact that they are cost-efficient and extremely durable from future shifting.

The interlocking system allows your concrete piers to stay in place here in droughts or heavy saturations. Concrete piers for Fort Worth foundation repair soil is an excellent option.



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