Combo Piers

Combination Piers Foundation Repair

Your home must have a strong, stable foundation! The foundation is the base that your home is built upon; therefore, what do you suppose happens to your valuable investment if your foundation is in need of repair? Fort Worth Foundation has provided the homeowners in Fort Worth, Texas and throughout the surrounding cities with superior quality combination pier repair services since 2016.

Homes with combination piers are prevalent in older, established neighborhoods and our highly-experienced foundation repair experts repair your combination pier foundation with accuracy, precision and care. Our family-owned company adheres to high safety protocols and all of our team, our Certified Foundation Inspector and our Certified Geologist are licensed, insured and bonded.

With Fort Worth Foundation, the safety of you and your home comes first!

What Are Combination Piers?

Combination piers, known also as combo piers, combine both slab and pier and beam foundations. This foundation is common in mid-century modern, ranch-style and split-level home designs. These homes with both pier and beam and slab foundations can have variable foundation issues.

These foundations combine the use of solid, strong concrete slabs with the strength of steel piers. This foundation type provides homeowners with the durability they need and the affordable cost that homeowners desire. A well-maintained combination pier foundation is essential in preventing devastating damage to your home.

Benefits Of Our Combination Pier System

We drive our steel piers deep into the ground until they rest upon bedrock; thus, they are not affected by shifting soil. Concrete piling is strong, durable, affordable and long-lasting. By combining these two foundation repair techniques, we give homeowners the security of a stable foundation and the benefit of reduced cost. Fort Worth Foundation provides you with a lifetime and transferable warranty.

We guarantee our combination repair service 100%! Once foundation damage manifests, it will continue to get worse if not addressed promptly. For your free inspection on your foundation, call us today at (817) 402-3972!

Combo Piers Are The Best In The Foundation Industry

There are many technologies to helping you out with your foundation problems. A combo of concrete piers and a steel shaft that reaches down to the acquire death of resistance is probably one of the best in the market today.

This has a 100% transferable warranty and is probably the best choice for homeowners having problems with foundations in Fort Worth, TX.

A Strong Longterm Solution For Your Foundation

The steel shaft is made by metal that is on corrosive and will stand the test of time being able to support tons of weight in the future. Compared to the steel pier and concrete pier this high steel pier in combination with the concrete reinforcement beam and concrete piers will give you added security from future foundation problems.



 Combo Piers