Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair in Dallas Fort Worth.

Your home is the one place where you should always have the security of knowing that you’re safe. This begins with a firm foundation. Get foundation repair in DFW by contacting us today for a free quote!

Fort Worth Foundation has provides the residents of Fort Worth, Texas and the surrounding cities with superior quality foundation repair services since 2016. No other company has the knowledge and experience to address all of your foundation repair needs like we do.

A complimentary inspection is provided to you by our certified foundation inspector and your residential grounds are analyzed by our certified Geologist. The team of foundation repair experts here at Fort Worth Foundation are all licensed, bonded and insured for your protection and safety.

We are devoted to adhering to strong safety protocols and our equipment is state-of-the-art. Have you heard of Pro-Lift Technology?

Fort Worth Foundation has it! We know Texas soil and the foundation repair, wall repair, concrete leveling and drainage problems that homeowners here often encounter.

We guarantee our work 100% and provide you with a lifetime and transferable warranty. You can trust Fort Worth Foundation to see to it that your home is solid!

Slab Foundation Repair ›

Have you noticed cracks in your home’s slab foundation? Are there cracks appearing through the brickwork or around your windows and doors?

Most likely, you need slab foundation repair. Shifting Texas soil frequently causes your slab foundation to crack. We are experts in slab foundation repair and will analyze your residential grounds and determine the best, safest means to correct this problem.

Pier and Beam Foundation Repair ›

Pier and beam foundations have an understructure that has a crawlspace, elevated areas and are very complex. It’s quite different from a slab foundation and is frequently seen in older homes and established neighborhoods, common here in the Fort Worth, Texas area.

Only experienced foundation repair companies like us here at Fort Worth Foundation have the extensive experience and intensive training and knowledge to repair pier and beam foundations correctly.

Combo Piers Foundation Repair ›

Do you have areas on the ground floor in your home that vary in elevation? If so, you likely have a combo piers foundation.

This is a home that has a foundation combining both slab and pier and beam areas. Homes that combine both frequently have variable foundation issues.

Fort Worth Foundation’s certified inspector will assess and determine the necessary foundation repairs and put a detailed game-plan into action.

Steel Piers Foundation Repair ›

Steel pier construction is designed to carry a heavy load and is frequently seen in commercial buildings, as well as larger estate homes. Steel piers go deep into the ground so that the weight load rests upon bedrock.

Fort Worth Foundation does intensive analyzation of your ground area and determines the steps needed to correct steel pier founcation problems.

Drainage Repairs ›

Standing water on your outdoor grounds is more than just a nuisance and eyesore! Water can put pressure on your foundation and weaken it.

If you notice water standing closer than 4′ from your home’s foundation, it’s a warning sign that you most likely need drainage repairs. Fort Worth Foundation is highly-familiar with the different soils and neighborhoods in Fort Worth, Texas and the areas that we service.

We institude drainage repair methods to eliminate this problem.

Concrete Repair ›

Have you noticed cracks in your driveway? Does your sidewalk seemed to be unbalanced now?

What about your slab foundation? Not only are these manifestations annoying and unsightly, they can contribute to accidents and progress rapidly.

Concrete leveling is a specialty of Fort Worth Foundation. Most other companies are not highly-skilled and knowledgable in regards to concrete leveling.

Our customers trust and refer us! With us, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

Wall Repair ›

Hydrostatic pressure is the pressure caused by a fluid. When referring to foundation repair and wall repair problems, hydrostatic pressure causes your walls to tilt, lean and bow.

Fort Worth Foundation’s extensive technological expertise will eliminate these wall problems. Our team of foundation repair experts analyze and institute the exact wall repair approach that is necessary for your particular type of wall structure.

Commercial Services ›

There’s no foundation repair service that is too large or too small for Fort Worth Foundation. Whether you have a large office building or a small free-standing business, our team of highly-experienced foundation repair professionals are devoted to completing the required tasks necessary for your business with swift, attentive accuracy and precision at low, competitive prices.

If you need waterproofing the basement, crack repairs, wall repair or have drainage issues, you can trust Fort Worth Foundation to take care of it all!

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The foundation is the platform on which your residential home or your business stands. If the foundation isn’t solid and strong, then what happens to your building?

Don’t take chances! Check out the reviews by our many satisfied customers in Fort Worth, Texas and the surrounding cities and see for yourself what they say!

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